Never underestimate the need for corporate security when it comes to safeguarding your business. Many businesses often overlook the need for a security provision until they are affected by loss of confidential information, suffer from a break in, or are on the receiving end of a security threat. From clients and businesses who work alongside VIPs and dignitaries, to hospitals and schools and large manufacturing corporations, Foresight have experience working with a variety of businesses across Nigeria. Our well-trained corporate security personnel can handle house reception, vehicle searching, patrols, access control, dealing with alarms and monitoring of CCTV. Our security guards are also uniformed, so they not only offer a visual deterrent, but also stand out among the crowd.




Foresight provides a nationwide, manned guarding service using professional security personnel trained for specific sectors of industry including rail, corporate property, construction, retail and shopping centres, events security, logistics & distribution, healthcare, hospitality, industrial areas and residential communities. No matter the size of your facility, we will work closely with you to design a bespoke, cost effective solution to fulfil your security guard needs. Our security guards are highly trained in vehicle logging, search procedures, patrolling and reporting, first aid and fire safety. Each of our manned static security guards, have been carefully chosen for their professionalism, aptitude, and most importantly, their skills and experience. Permanent, temporary and ad hoc security cover are all available. This service may also be enhanced by a number of up to date technical solutions including CCTV and access control.




It’s been proven that the presence of a patrol is an excellent deterrent to crime. And as specialists in total security services, we can provide you and your business with peace of mind that your corporate security needs are met and exceeded. Our mobile patrol officers perform general housekeeping tasks to minimize loss and reduce waste, check for vandalism, criminal damage, nuisance behaviour, health and safety issues etc. Mobile patrol officers can also conduct a lock up and/or unlock service at prearranged times removing any need for you to give out keys and alarm codes to your staff or members of your family. Our team of highly experienced mobile patrol officers can also liaise with maintenance staff and contractors to assist with out of hours work. We also provide neighbourhood patrol and community watch services.




The use of trained dog handlers and security dog is essential to boost the profile of any security requirement. Our committed guard dog handlers are all experienced and fully trained security professionals. Guard dog security is the ideal deterrent and will often stop criminals from entering your premises.

Ideal for commercial and domestic facilities, guard dog security patrols are a perfect high-profile deterrent for any unwanted intruder.  It is widely acknowledged that just one security guard dog team is as effective as four or five static guards. Guard dog security not only gives your business and domestic premises additional security, but is also ideal for special events, or conferences which may need enhancing security requirements.




Increase in terrorism, criminal damage, theft and assault in recent years has seen the unprecedented rise in the installation of CCTV security systems in Nigeria which is fast becoming a common feature of our daily lives. While CCTV can act as a deterrent, they are also an excellent monitoring tool and powerful solution in helping bring criminals to justice.


Foresight can provide an uncompromising CCTV security solution for all market sectors including retail, education, healthcare, leisure, distribution, construction and transportation.  CCTV allows operators to monitor and record images for a variety of purposes including security, surveillance and safety. We are able to supply, install and maintain CCTV surveillance equipment and supports a wide range of leading manufacturers.


We offer a wide range of surveillance CCTV security systems that are designed to suit almost any application requiring a view of a given location, and are able to specify the latest in camera design and operation. The service is complemented by a high degree of customer service and technical support, provided by a network of professional engineers who are fully trained in the latest cutting edge technology.




At Foresight, we supply, install and maintain the highest quality access control systems, with the latest technology. An effective way to ensure that your premises are secured against unauthorised entry is through the use of an electronic access control security systems.


We utilize the very latest technologies available through our partnership approach with leading electronic access control specialists. Our systems support all industry standard network protocols and can be integrated with video recorders, cameras and other advanced electronic access control devices, including biometric and hand template scanners and highly advanced iris readers for high security areas. These access control security systems range from simple door entry solutions through to major national and international integrated solutions using IP for multi site operation and controls.


Other access control services we provide at Foresight include supply, installation and maintenance of door and window locks;  steel doors,  grilles and window bars; barbed and electric fence; special padlocks and door chains; reinforcing bars; automatic barriers and gates;  biometric fingerprint locks; Digital Locks. Foresight has an impressive track record of installing access control systems and combines this with market-leading products and expert support to offer the very best solution for its clients.




Foresight provides on-site and off-site CCTV monitoring services for the corporate, commercial, industrial and residential premises; through the use of remote digital technology and innovation.


Using state-of-the-art equipment, we provide exceptional services in control and monitoring of cameras, opening and closing of gates, monitoring of fire & intruder alarm systems and personal protection services. These remote monitoring systems allow for a completely integrated security system using the same specialist team to control manned and systems-based security to maximize protection and reduce costs.


Our dedicated, fully trained response officers will respond promptly and professionally as soon as alarm activation is received. We will investigate the alarm activation promptly and then alert the appropriate government security agencies where appropriate.




Security in airports, train terminals, bus terminals and ports needs special experience and expertise.  At Foresight, we also provide baggage screening and other related services such as secure search and passenger profiling, as well as baggage and cargo screening. All or security staff undergo a counter terrorism check and our rigorous training ensures the highest levels of efficiency with a high degree of sensitivity towards passengers and crew.




Foresight provides close protection services to politicians, business men, celebrities, diplomats, international visitors, dignitaries. In recent days of constant threat of global terror, theft and hate crimes, close protection is a necessity for many, rather than a luxury or a fashion accessory. The modern close protection officer has to be extremely well trained, always prepared and well disciplined.


We  offer either regular residential protection, or specific short or long term protection assignments. We gather intelligence, complete a full threat analysis & risk assessment on behalf of our clients before engaging our services. It is essential that we are fully briefed on the operational requirements to enable our protection teams to conduct the security duties to our highest ability.


Our officers are trained and continuously refreshed in numerous areas including evasive driving & anti ambush skills, personal safety training and unarmed combat, hand cuffing techniques and search duties.  The ever growing threat of kidnap and random demands emphasise the need to have the correct level of protection for our clients, their families and their business too.


We provide highly sophisticated protection programmes including GPRS tracking devices and surveillance support to reduce the risks. Our protection teams are very discreet in their duties maintaining our covert assignments. Our counter surveillance measures are also key to early intervention.




Security drivers and trained chauffeurs are an important part of any protection team. All have worked alongside close protection teams and understand and follow security protocol at all times. In an ever increasing hostile society and environment, making sure your VIP’s and executives are in safest hands is crucial. Ensuring they can carry on with their everyday activities with the knowledge that their safety and dignity is being looked after in the best possible and convenient manner for them. We can supply experienced, qualified, professional security drivers to ensure the safety of your executives and VIP’s. Our professional security drivers are highly trained in customer care, client confidentiality, as well as defensive driving, strict route planning, and evasive driving techniques.




Foresight provides bespoke crowd management solutions to a vast array of events. There are a wide range of challenges that potentially arise and we ensure thorough contingency planning and robust operational capabilities are implemented when considering people’s safety at events such as festivals, wedding ceremonies, live music venues, sporting events, exhibitions, religious programmes, political rallies, etc. Our versatile security staff understand the need to take on aspects of monitoring crowd mood and behaviour in order to proactively manage the safety of the ticket holders.

We would be thrilled to talk with you further about your business needs. Give us a call or send us an email to discover what makes us unique.


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